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varieties turban prime 2.jpg
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  • Huge bulbs and cloves, great for chefs
  • No scapes

Turban is similar to the rocambole varieties, but grows as a shorter, wider plant. Depending upon environmental conditions, it can grow as a hard neck (i.e.- forming a central flower stalk or ‘scape), or as a softneck (i.e.- no flower stalk/scape). Turban’s scapes, when they form at all, are the shortest and latest of any of our garlics, and do not even need to be cut (unlike all other hardneck varieties). But what Turban lacks in plant-stature and scape-size, it makes up for when it comes to huge, delicious bulbs and great taste

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How we grade garlic

  • Prime Seed Grade: These are our largest and best bulbs, best for planting and also incredible in the kitchen. They have been graded to have intact bulb wrappers, firm and well-formed cloves, and every other quality you need to grow a great crop of your own garlic. We also remove any bulbs that grew as 'doubles' (where the one clove planted produced two growing tips and thus two bulb at harvest, each with a flattened side) from our seed grade, which helps reduce the number of doubles in the following-year's crop. 
  • Choice Grade:  These are generally smaller bulbs, with otherwise perfect cloves and skin that is at least mostly complete (a small tip of a clove may be poking out on the largest bulbs). They can be planted, but will produce some smaller plants than the prime seed grade. Also, since our garlic bulbs that grew as doubles get sorted into the choice grade, there will be some large bulbs with flattened sides, which does not affect taste or quality at all (but if you plant cloves from bulbs that grew as doubles, they will be more likely to produce doubles again). In the kitchen, they will be star performers – better than any grocery store garlic you’ve ever had!